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Chinatown: 3 Stories of Home (a short film)


Since 2005, Vancouver's Chinatown has been the focus of a different kind of development strategy—revitalization. The main strategy for achieving this economic goal is the introduction of a substantial increase in market housing to the neighbourhood.


Having your home in Chinatown is on the cusp of meaning something entirely new for the neighborhood. What now does housing and having a home in Chinatown mean?


This film is meant to be a tool for dialogue between any parties steeped in negotiation, discussion, or, simply an interest in the topic of the revitalization of Chinatown and the current contentious issues regarding affordable housing in Vancouver. Tanya co-produced, directed and edited this short film with colleague Joshua Welsh. 


Through the film, three stories about the neighbourhood will come to light. Chinatown as it once existed, where it is currently, and how it might particularly be shaped for the future. This film attempts to communicate, with nuance, subtlety, and humanity, the story of the Chinatown’s housing past, present, and future.


To watch the film, click here


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