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Social Development Strategy Monitoring and Evaluation Framework


As an employee for the City of Richmond in 2015-2016, Tanya Fink led the development of the interdepartmental monitoring and evaluation framework for the city's Social Development Strategy "Building Our Social Future"


Tanya coordinated and developed outcomes for each of the plan's 53 actions in nine strategic directions:


  1. Expand Housing Choices

  2. Enhance Community Accessibility

  3. Address the Needs of an Aging Population

  4. Help Richmond's Children, Youth and Families thrive

  5. Build on Richmond's Cultural Diversity

  6. Support Community Engagement and Volunteerism

  7. Strengthen Richmond's Social Infrastructur

  8. Provide High Quality Recreation, Arts, Cultural and Wellness       Opportunities

  9. Facilitate Strong and Safe Neighbourhoods

Tanya also helped identify measures and outcomes-based indicators for each outcome and ensured successful report outs for the strategy's short, medium, long-term and ongoing goals.


To see the full strategy, click here





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