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Tanya Fink,

MA Planning

Policy Planner

Capacity Builder

Change Maker

I am a community planner with a deep sense of civic duty and concern for urban social issues. Particularly interested in strengthening communities, assessing and mitigating community impacts, protecting community assets and achieving social change through the three pillars of sustainability.


I have over 10 years of experience working in non-profit sector and municipal government. I hold solid analytical, research, stakeholder engagement/facilitation, and project management skills. I have a sound understanding of complex community planning issues and of working with communities facing social challenges such as poverty, marginalization and homelessness. 


I was born and raised in east Vancouver with a BA in Sociology from UBC and a Masters in Planning from UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning. I am committed to and passionate about participatory planning, working with communities facing complex social challenges, and bridging the divide between local government and communities to find ways to make Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, truly, for all. 

See my most recent resume and bio HERE

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