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Building Welcoming and Inclusive Neighbourhoods (BWIN)


As a Community Developer for Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House in 2010-2011, Tanya created and led a digital storytelling project with 9 newcomer youth as part of the province of British Columbia’s Building Welcoming and Inclusive Neighbourhoods (BWIN) initiative. As part of this project she designed and conducted surveys, consultation and asset mapping with newcomer youth and seniors in the neighbourhood and 


Building Welcoming and Inclusive Neighbourhoods (BWIN) was a three year pilot project funded by the Province through the Immigration and WelcomeBC Branch of the Ministry of Regional Economic and Skills Development.


The project was aimed at supporting local community programs that build and enhance the ability to deliver effective programs and services towards creating welcoming neighbourhoods and integrating immigrant newcomers.


BWIN was led by the Consortium of Neighbourhood Houses of the Lower Mainland which is comprised of fourteen Neighbourhood Houses. The first of its kind, this project allows for best practice sharing and information exchange between Neighbourhood Houses.


The project was an educational process that helped communities and neighbourhoods find new ways to become welcoming and inclusive places for people who live there. BWIN has had a meaningful and significant impact on communities around the Lower Mainland. Community engagement activities among participating Neighbourhood Houses include dialogue circles, community dinners, leadership development and mentoring programs.


In the last quarter, these initiatives reached 8,975 individuals and involved 162 community and business partners amongst the Neighbourhood Houses.
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